XIX. E-commerce Conference

6-7th. June, 2023. Thermal Hotel Visegrád

Three unusual years are behind us: first came the pandemic, and now inflation and recession are upon us. It is like when a boat that is moving calmly comes to a sudden rapid: you have to hold the rudder firmly, you have to maneuver skillfully, you have to be alert. It is time to get together again, analyze, consult, and show direction. True to our traditions, we will once again hold the usual two-day early summer conference of Ecommerce Hungary at the beginning of June. The venue is the old one (Thermal Hotel Visegrád), but there will be many new ones among our topics and speakers.
We must deal with the state of the economy, the international and domestic situation of electronic commerce based on recent data and analyses, the competitiveness of our companies, the possibilities and importance of international expansion. In addition to domestic speakers, well-known foreigners will also appear, who will talk about their own practical experiences and plans. In 2023, the increasingly strong outsourcing trend and the rise of cross-border marketplaces and price comparison service providers will certainly continue: are these phenomena behind some foreign success stories? Technical development has not stopped either, for example, we have artificial intelligence that is getting smarter, and it is not even possible that this text was written by a robot…
We will have a lot to discuss, not to mention the fact that at this conference we will award the Grand Prize of Ecommerce Hungary for the first time in the framework of an awards gala dinner. Mark your calendar: June 6-7, Visegrád! Join us, we look forward to welcoming you! After last year’s record number of people, we want to raise the stake: this year we expect more than four hundred visitors. Keep in touch with us, we will keep you informed about the development of the program, please keep an eye on our information!

Best regards,
György Bőgel
President of Ecommerce Hungary

Further information:

Ákos Bognár | organizer | konferencia@ecommerce.hu

Kinga Dolina | secretary | secretary@ecommerce.hu

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