Hungarian Ecommerce Summit

2-3 June 2020, Visegrád

Annual conference held by Ecommerce Hungary. The Hungarian Ecommerce Summit is the most prominent professional event of the leading ecommerce companies and experts. The conference provides a great opportunity to the participants for informal meetings, networking, evaluation of the previous year, trend surfing for the Hungarian market, and keeping up to date with Ecommerce Hungary’s activities. Decision makers, owners of companies in the field of online sales of products and services or the field of services providing background support (developers, online marketers,logistics etc.), and experts as well as business professionals, teachers, researchers and students who are interested in the field of ecommerce and see it as a business potential.



Speakers from the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Germany and Poland will speak what’s new in their markets, about the latest trends, and their vision for ecommerce. Then, in a panel discussion, involving the leaders of domestic companies interested in foreign markets, we continue to think together in a “crossborder” approach.


Why are domestic businesses so shy? What are they afraid of, what is the main barrier to opening abroad? How can it be done well and why is it worth it? We will answer these questions with the help of experts. And we will also listen to the accounts of those who have already stepped in and profited from it


Half of the world ‘s total ecommerce turnover comes through marketplaces – this is not as strong here, but the future is definitely on the way. We will look at why the marketplace is a good sales channel and how to take advantage of our presence. Practical guidance, case studies for small to big, from home and abroad.


Delivering the package to the customer on time is no longer an issue. However, the more the other ways of delivery, such as the vending machine, parcel point can help the sustainability of the market. But optimization can come earlier – fulfillment and the closely related dropshipping solutions. Plus a new topic: Logistics Marketing. And once again, one representative from each of the big players at the table will sit together to prepare for the “season” together.


This topic is not only “trendy” but also really timely. How far can we increase the quantity of sold items? What about the great amount of packaging? How do large companies use their resources rationally? How effective are environmental principles in the current economy? We ask the questions ourselves and the experts tell you if the answers are right.


Google Shopping is slowly getting its first candle for its Hungarian cake, but what was the first year like? How much is it used by businesses and is it well used at all? If not Google, which channels are good, where are the most effective ways to reach customers? In the “here and now” era, conversions are getting more difficult – the buyer makes the decision very quickly, and there are more and more merchants. In this session, we will strive to explore every opportunity and show proven solutions to the various challenges.


Do it yourself, if you have no servant,” says the old saying. But nowadays, AI, automation and robotics are very good servants and can help your business in many ways. The workforce strategy is changing, process planning is changing. But when and to what extent is it worth automating? Will it pay off in a small size? Through real examples, we help you understand the process and show you the possibilities.


Online access and digital channels are not only great opportunities: they also need to be designed and operated with responsibility. An unexpected outage can cause serious damage, as can an underdeveloped system. Our IT block will deal with resource planning, operation and operation of web platforms. We will look through what web store solutions are worth using, how to scale them well, and what the future challenges are in this area.

Normal Ticket prices from 1th of August, 2020.
For both days, with special award dinnerHUF 64.900 + VAT
For the first days, with special award dinnerHUF 59.900 + VAT
For the first daysHUF 49.900 + VAT
For the second daysHUF 24.900 + VAT
Accomodation in Thermal Hotel Visegrád**** (in double room)HUF 17.900 / person + VAT
Accomodation in Thermal Hotel Visegrád**** (in one room)HUF 25.900 + VAT

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